Check in day


Check in time between 3 pm - 8 pm    Check out time 10 am


If you reach Central Station Berchtesgaden before check in time

Keep calm

lock your luggage


enjoy your day



fee 2 € / per day


Ways to keep your lugage safe before check-in time:


1. Locker boxes at King's Lake (Tourism Center)

2. Locker boxes at Central Station Berchtesgaden


King's lake

Luggage locker boxes at the Tourism Center


public transport central station kings lake king' lake germany

Central station
Luggage l
ocker boxes at the departure platform

Size 273 x 420 x 800 mm / 1 € per day

Size 472 x 615 x 930 mm / 2 € per day



If you reach Central Station Berchtesgaden before check in time:
Take a little walk to Markt Berchtesgaden (Nice old historic town) near Central station !

airbnb Room Kingslake Berchtesgaden Unterkunft Schönau Königssee Bayern

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Zimmervermietung bett+bike - AirBnB Ludmilla Neunaber
Ludmilla Neunaber - Artenreitring 9 - 83471 Schönau am Königssee
01577 7545258 -



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1Bd 2 person

的整套房子 出租, 巴伐利亚
Bavaria, 德国

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